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If anyone is seeing this, which is doubtful in 2021---- I've started a kamishibai discord server for everyone to reconnect! Feel free to add me megomobat#7776 and ask for an invite.
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forum down

Just as a heads up, I know there has been issues with downtime for the forum (and the rest of my server). I'm trying to get it resolved, but a solution might be a while in coming since my host is, as before, AWOL. Hopefully this is just temporary, so please bear with me.
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New Years Challenge

2009 is drawing to a close, so what can we do to celebrate the new year? How about...

the New Year kamishibai challenge!

A new challenge has appeared on the kamishibai forums, specifically for the intention of ringing in 2010 with some new stories! It's a simple challenge, too; no rules other than to have a New Years theme somewhere in your story, and to have a minimum of 10 scenes. Very doable, even for those who are bogged down with end-of-the-year commitments! Come give it a shot! The challenge runs from Monday, December 28th until Saturday, January 2nd.

Click here to go to the challenge thread!

I am Pheonix


Its Red here, trying my best to spread the word about the
7 -day Kamishibai Challenge
that is taking place from July 27th to August 2nd.

For the hard details you can check here:

I hope many of you participate, because although I am not running the competition I want to see people take part and show off their storytelling abilities. This contest coming up as super interesting where weaving a tale is concerned because you have to make the story WITHOUT text.

Cool huh?

Now I don't want to hear that crap about "I'm not sure I can do it..."
I mean seriously, do you dream in text? When you listen to a song and have
images and such come up in your head are those scenes dependent on dialogue and text?
Or is emotion, placement, direction, body language, etc. more important?

No excuse.

Join us ^^