Arima (lidelseavhimmel) wrote in kamishibai,

GGG9 details

Copied from the Kamiforums... You'll also find the schedule for the upcoming episodes there.

After the release of GGG8 we're going right into episode 9!

Rebochan has volunteered as the new writer for this episode. She also has her new character for the series. I think you guys might like it... Meet Webster...

On to the details. All images are due by MAY 17th You'll need to submit a range from 7-20 images to be included in the Kamishibai. The rules are here:

One small rule change: You don't have to include every character in your images. This is simply because the cast has become too large. However you must have at least one image of the new character.

Omake, Production Logo, and title images are also welcome. You can even do a image for the credits.

Send all your images to me at Divinewolf(at) So i can sort them out can give them to rebochan.

This is rebochan's first go at the series so let's give her a lot to work with. I wish you all luck!

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