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Picture Drama Play
Created by Tenchichan
Layout thanks to Meesha

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Kamishibai Forums UP! [25 Apr 2009|03:09pm]

The shiny new kami forums are up! If there are any sections you'd like added, please PM me on the forums and lemme know.

Everyone go go go go go to the new forums!

Mod choices will occur in a week or two, once we have more people registered. There's room for you to post off topic stuff, and everything from fanart to challenges. Go have a look and join in!

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Missed the NEKP meeting? Don't be sad! We're here to catch you up.

Great things tonight at the NEKP meeting. We discussed a lot of new ideas for not only NEKP, but the community in general.

Here are the highlights of the meeting

Meeting Minutes: What did you miss?Collapse )
Kami ForumCollapse )
May I say, I'm so pleased with the amount of activity we've had lately. We're a small group but we're loyal and we love what we do. I'm excited for this new forum because I think it will breath new life into the community and give us a final central hangout place to discuss kamishibai and post stories!

Please leave any comments you may have because we want to hear from you! After everyone has had their say, we will hash out the rules of NEKP on the kamishibai forums and hold official sign-ups on there. I will continue to run the LJ group as well and will keep you guys up to date on that kind of stuff.
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NEKP Chat Tonight [24 Apr 2009|04:29pm]



Come by and give us some love!

Meeting officially starts at 7:30 PM EST, but the chat room is up NOW if you want to get there early and save a seat near the front. I will be in and out until 7:30 when the meeting begins.

****CLICK HERE****

If you can't make the meeting there will be a summary of the meeting posted here to keep you up to speed. I want everyone's input before changing up NEKP, so post your comments and make your voice heard!
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Let's talk about NEKP baby! [23 Apr 2009|05:02pm]

Can we?

Now, its been awhile since we last NEKP'd together and part of that is because NEKP as a whole, I feel, needs a new looking over. We need to revitalize NEKP and make it more of a community effort. It's kind of expanded and exploded all over itself, but I think working together we can get it back into shape.

I like the idea of NEKP as more of a universe and less of a specific story. I'd like to change the format so multiple authors could work on an episode, each focusing on their own segment of the NEKP universe. This is just one of the many changes I'd like to make to the program.

So what I'm proposing to you is this, let's have a NEKP meeting! Does tomorrow, Friday the 24th at 7:30 PM EST work for everyone else? I will be making a chat room at Deviantart under the name of KamishibaiNEKP so all you have to do is search for that name. Once the room is made tomorrow, I'll provide a link to the community.

If not enough people can make it, we can reschedule for sure.

Let me say this, I'd love to get some NEW BLOOD into the chat or at least get some feedback from you all. There's a great number of people who don't participate in NEKP who may find the new format to their liking and I'm completely ready to field ideas from you guys. Kamishibai is just as much about reading the stories as making them, so hearing from some observers might give us a fresh perspective!

Let me know!
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Kamishibai Popularity [22 Apr 2009|05:11pm]


You know, it's kind of weird to think of how popular kamishibai is now. I can remember when just a few people knew about it, but it seems like everywhere I go now, people are talking about the medium and the stories.

More Behind Cut!Collapse )
((Just having some fun with Photofunia.com - let's see what awesome kamishibai mash-ups you guys can come up with using the site!!!))
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A wild kamishibai appeared! [22 Apr 2009|01:52pm]

[ mood | SPASTIC ]

Why hallo thar kami community! I don't know if I've ever posted here, but today I am WITH PRESENTS.. and by presents I mean.. TWO BRAND SPANKIN' NEW KAMISHIBAIS. megomobile and myself are up to our old tricks, with our *AMAZING* kami challenges.. Meaning: WE HAD 24 HOURS TO COMPLETE THESE. I'm sure you saw them on otakuworld and were like GEE GOLLY I WISH I COULD DOWNLOAD THEM, BUT MY SUBSCRIPTION HAS RUN OUT! FEAR NOT, MY FRIENDS.

First up we have Meg's most amazing version of CURSE OF THE POISON SKULL.


Second we have my slightly less amazing but still pretty amazing version of CURSE OF THE POISON SKULL.



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GGG IMAGES [19 Apr 2009|01:57am]


All images for Go, Green, Go! Episode eight are due by midnight, tonight!

Image requirements are 7-20 images

Omake submissions are opened till May 1st

Send everything to Arima( Divinewolf(at)gmail.com )

Good luck, i hope everyone is well!
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Kamishibai Event - NEKP: Guardians Fanmix [17 Apr 2009|07:32pm]


The next Kamishibai Fanmix is here! This time we celebrate the Neverending Kamishibai Project: Guardians with a fanmix tribute! This one is more character specific than the GGG one was. There is a song for each Guardian, as well as for Jacqueline and the CotD. PLUS! You get some songs that were actually featured in NEKP, including the hit singles from Beatrix Wyrd and the band Devil Inside!

Can you:

1. Identify the artist and album that the cover is parodying? (5 points!)

2. Think of any other songs that would be good for a Guardians fanmix?

Tracklist behind cutCollapse )

Download the NEKP: Guardians Fanmix Here!

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Kamishibai Event: Go Green Go Fanmix! [16 Apr 2009|07:26pm]


The kamishibai event continues! This time, we've got FANMIXES for you to download! What's a fanmix you ask? Well, it's when a fan of a certain fandom makes a mix of songs that remind them of that particular fandom.

So here we have available to download the first Kamishibai Fanmix! This one is for the mega-collaboration "Go Green, Go." There will be two more this week.


Each album cover will be based off of a REAL album cover. It's your job to guess which artist and which album the cover is a parody of. 5 points for the person who gets both, 2 points for anyone who gets one or the other.

Also, in the comments, leave your suggestions for what songs you would suggest for that kamishibai series. Next week I will compile the best suggestions into a fourth album, the Kamishibai Fan Mega Mix!

Track List for the 'Go Green Go Fanmix'Collapse )

Download the Go Green Go Fanmix Here!

Leave your song suggestions as comments here. See you tomorrow!
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giftart x3 [16 Apr 2009|07:48pm]

This has nothing to do with the contest, it's just me posting art for kami peoples. I'm in a kamishibai kinda mood.

Art for tenchichan , chibialexchan , and cloverfirefly .


Two more under the cut.Collapse )
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Kamishibai Challenge: Group Seven [15 Apr 2009|07:53pm]


Primary Question: Name each character, the series they come from, and the author of that series.

Secondary Question: Both of these characters, while not relevant to their worlds, has broken one of the ten commandments. Name the act.

Tertiary Questions: The male is holding an amulet., name it. Does it belong to him, and if it does not who does it belong to?

Also: The female is holding a book and a card. Name the book and why it is relevant to her. Then state what the NAME of the card she is holding.

(Possible points: 20)

Just a reminder: For the Guessing Game, we would like you to know you are allowed to use the kamis and OW to help you answer ^^;

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Kamishibai Challenge: Group Six [14 Apr 2009|05:45pm]


Primary Question: Name each character, the series these three star in, the author of that series, and the year the first episode appeared on Otaku World.

Secondary Question: Each character is using some kind of power, name the power each character possesses.

Tertiary Questions: The character on the far left stars in a spin-off sequel, what is the name of this sequel?

Also: The Doomsday Clock: Who built it and where is it located?

(Possible points: 20)
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Kamishibai Challenge: Group Five [13 Apr 2009|10:22pm]


Looks like you guys have ME to contend with again ^____________^
It gets harder.

Primary Question: Name each character, the series they come from, and the author of that series.

Secondary Question: These characters have to things in common, and one is occupational. Name both things.

Tertiary Questions: Both characters also have something similar happen to them once they come in contact with the main character of their individual series. Name or describe that event.

Also: How does the character on the right pay for his ship, and who was their role model growing up?

In Addition: The character on the left has a friend that they're afraid they've killed. List that friend's name AND original hair color.

(Possible points: 25)
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Star Soldier Polars: Rebirth Episode 9 - The Eternal Battle [11 Apr 2009|05:35pm]


It's here! It's done!
The latest episode of Star Soldier Polaris Rebirth is ready for you to download.

What are you waiting for? Give it a go!
Prepare to have your face rocked!

Star Soldier Polaris: Rebirth Episode 9

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Kamishibai Event Updater [11 Apr 2009|10:57am]


Heya everyone!

Looks like we've reached the end of the second week for the Kamishibai event. Even if you havent' participated I hope you've at least enjoyed the artwork, and all the kamis that have come out during this time period. Pretty exciting right?

Well as we head into the third week I want to be sure to tell you of something YOU can do for the event as well. Yes, you can take part in one of those dizzy group projects we're all so keen for.

Due next Friday, it'd involve you making 4 panel kamis where characters of differing kamis interact.

We're taking Crossover madness here, people. And in this case EVERYONE and ANYONE can submit a 4 panel kami (or more. The more the merrier) as long as it features kamishibai characters. Think of it like the comic strips in the newspaper, just something fun to do. ^^

That of course will be due on Friday, you can send your submission to either Arima or myself. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Also next week we will be continuing the Guessing Game! And hopefully we'll see the return and continuation of Hoshi's kami "Starless"
And remember that the submissions for "GGG8" are due to be given into Arima on the 18th of this month. Hope everyone takes part (Is GGG really the whore of the kamishibai community? It's almost appropriate actually...)

See you all on Monday!
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Kamishibai Challenge: New School [10 Apr 2009|02:13am]


Okay, so if you missed out on the Old School challenge, here's something that should be easy. All the characters from this challenge have come from kamishibai stories that have been released in the year 2009. That means they should be fresh in your memory!

First Question: Name all five characters and which kamishibai series they come from.

Second Question: Identify the two female characters in this picture and describe the significance of the outfits that they are wearing.

Third Question: Which three characters are made from collaborative kamishibai stories? Name all artists and writers involved with those stories.

(Possible Points: 15)
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Kamishibai Challenge: Just a Little [08 Apr 2009|12:08pm]


You guys are so clever! My "Old School" Challenge has been bested, so here's my next one. This time, we look out for the little guys.

First Question: Name each character, which kamishibai they come from and the author of that kamishibai.

Second Question: Both of these characters hang out with someone bigger. Name the characters that these guys are most likely to be seen with.

Third Question: One of these characters is given an epilogue at the end of the story. Name the character and explain what happens to him or her once the story is over.

Fourth Question: Give the full name of the spider's ancestor and the line of work he was in.

(Possible Points: 20)
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Kamishibai Challenge: Old School [07 Apr 2009|10:36pm]


Since Hoshi is out with the flu, I'll be playing the role of Kami Challenge Master a bit earlier than expected. So here we go!

Today's challenge is an OLD SCHOOL CHALLENGE!

All of these characters come from Kamishibai stories that are SO OLD your Grandpa probably read them to the dinosaurs as a bedtime story!

First Question: Name each character and the kamishibai they come from.

Second Question: The character on the right is holding an INFAMOUS FOOD ITEM that was featured in a kamishibai. What is the food item and which kamishibai does it come from?

Third Question: Essay Time! To get your points you have to explain what made the kamishibai that featured the food item so infamous in the first place. Be as specific as possible.

Don't worry all you newbies, you'll get your shot at the points later this week!

(15 Possible Points)
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another kami challange [07 Apr 2009|10:03pm]

I racked my brain and I was just wondering---

All the kami characters that use a gun(s) (and what series they come from?) Bonus points if you can say if he/she has killed any one with the gun. Also bonus if you can name the person they kill (as most victims do not have names)

The stories the both living parents show up in (or even mentioned as both being alive)?

Name Kami characters with a brother or sister and the story they are from? Bonus if you can name all their siblings

Name kami where someone has a physical illness?

Name stories were babies or toddlers appear in? Or better yet someone *gasp* get's pregnant in.

Name characters and the story they are from that have an actual job. What's the character's job? (no hero is not a job)

the one with the most answers i'll...um draw fanart for or um.. give you something ^_^''
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The Kamishibai Event - Points and Events [07 Apr 2009|01:51pm]

Well everyone we are into the SECOND week of the Kamishibai event. Isn't spring fun?

Last week we had a character guessing game and Arima's fun pack. This week Hoshi brings us an "As-You-Go" style kamishibai with voting on how the story progresses and Tenchi will be participating as well! And we have one more week to go ^.^

Now for the guessing game you can't think that its over. It will continue into the third week so keep those eyes open. Here are the point run downs so far:
ChibiAlex-chan :  16
Hoshi                  :  15
MikeJoy              :  11
Robinton17        :  10
Rikki Hyperion  :  6
Tenchi                 :  5
And that's with at least one character left unguessed and some questions unanswered! So if you want to get ahead in the points department, post those songs, and make those guesses!

That's all for now. Hope everyone is having fun.

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