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Missed the NEKP meeting? Don't be sad! We're here to catch you up.

Great things tonight at the NEKP meeting. We discussed a lot of new ideas for not only NEKP, but the community in general.

Here are the highlights of the meeting

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May I say, I'm so pleased with the amount of activity we've had lately. We're a small group but we're loyal and we love what we do. I'm excited for this new forum because I think it will breath new life into the community and give us a final central hangout place to discuss kamishibai and post stories!

Please leave any comments you may have because we want to hear from you! After everyone has had their say, we will hash out the rules of NEKP on the kamishibai forums and hold official sign-ups on there. I will continue to run the LJ group as well and will keep you guys up to date on that kind of stuff.
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NEKP Chat Tonight


Come by and give us some love!

Meeting officially starts at 7:30 PM EST, but the chat room is up NOW if you want to get there early and save a seat near the front. I will be in and out until 7:30 when the meeting begins.

****CLICK HERE****

If you can't make the meeting there will be a summary of the meeting posted here to keep you up to speed. I want everyone's input before changing up NEKP, so post your comments and make your voice heard!
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Let's talk about NEKP baby!

Can we?

Now, its been awhile since we last NEKP'd together and part of that is because NEKP as a whole, I feel, needs a new looking over. We need to revitalize NEKP and make it more of a community effort. It's kind of expanded and exploded all over itself, but I think working together we can get it back into shape.

I like the idea of NEKP as more of a universe and less of a specific story. I'd like to change the format so multiple authors could work on an episode, each focusing on their own segment of the NEKP universe. This is just one of the many changes I'd like to make to the program.

So what I'm proposing to you is this, let's have a NEKP meeting! Does tomorrow, Friday the 24th at 7:30 PM EST work for everyone else? I will be making a chat room at Deviantart under the name of KamishibaiNEKP so all you have to do is search for that name. Once the room is made tomorrow, I'll provide a link to the community.

If not enough people can make it, we can reschedule for sure.

Let me say this, I'd love to get some NEW BLOOD into the chat or at least get some feedback from you all. There's a great number of people who don't participate in NEKP who may find the new format to their liking and I'm completely ready to field ideas from you guys. Kamishibai is just as much about reading the stories as making them, so hearing from some observers might give us a fresh perspective!

Let me know!
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A wild kamishibai appeared!

Why hallo thar kami community! I don't know if I've ever posted here, but today I am WITH PRESENTS.. and by presents I mean.. TWO BRAND SPANKIN' NEW KAMISHIBAIS. megomobile and myself are up to our old tricks, with our *AMAZING* kami challenges.. Meaning: WE HAD 24 HOURS TO COMPLETE THESE. I'm sure you saw them on otakuworld and were like GEE GOLLY I WISH I COULD DOWNLOAD THEM, BUT MY SUBSCRIPTION HAS RUN OUT! FEAR NOT, MY FRIENDS.

First up we have Meg's most amazing version of CURSE OF THE POISON SKULL.


Second we have my slightly less amazing but still pretty amazing version of CURSE OF THE POISON SKULL.


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All images for Go, Green, Go! Episode eight are due by midnight, tonight!

Image requirements are 7-20 images

Omake submissions are opened till May 1st

Send everything to Arima( Divinewolf(at)gmail.com )

Good luck, i hope everyone is well!
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Kamishibai Event - NEKP: Guardians Fanmix

The next Kamishibai Fanmix is here! This time we celebrate the Neverending Kamishibai Project: Guardians with a fanmix tribute! This one is more character specific than the GGG one was. There is a song for each Guardian, as well as for Jacqueline and the CotD. PLUS! You get some songs that were actually featured in NEKP, including the hit singles from Beatrix Wyrd and the band Devil Inside!

Can you:

1. Identify the artist and album that the cover is parodying? (5 points!)

2. Think of any other songs that would be good for a Guardians fanmix?

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Download the NEKP: Guardians Fanmix Here!

The Office - Jim Word

Kamishibai Event: Go Green Go Fanmix!

The kamishibai event continues! This time, we've got FANMIXES for you to download! What's a fanmix you ask? Well, it's when a fan of a certain fandom makes a mix of songs that remind them of that particular fandom.

So here we have available to download the first Kamishibai Fanmix! This one is for the mega-collaboration "Go Green, Go." There will be two more this week.


Each album cover will be based off of a REAL album cover. It's your job to guess which artist and which album the cover is a parody of. 5 points for the person who gets both, 2 points for anyone who gets one or the other.

Also, in the comments, leave your suggestions for what songs you would suggest for that kamishibai series. Next week I will compile the best suggestions into a fourth album, the Kamishibai Fan Mega Mix!

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Download the Go Green Go Fanmix Here!

Leave your song suggestions as comments here. See you tomorrow!